Paradise Youth Club Power Source

Paradise Youth Club continues the theme of digital systems and digital networks into their 2021 Autumn Winter release with Power Source. This time around putting an emphasis on the aspects of the Internet, and how the internet has become the main power source of people's life so to speak, since we humans rely on it so much without it society would be scattered. We can no longer contact our love ones, banking will not function, most of us that have migrated our shopping to online based platforms will be helpless, and it the Internet is our main source of information, truly making the Internet our power source.

In this range Paradise Youth Club embraces the fact that the internet is our main source of power, our power source. Reflected in the pieces that they have in this range from their staple garments such as t-shirts, sweaters, hoodies, totebags with graphics that represents the idea that their trying to highlight in Power Source, and also 2 knitted sweater with the name of the range plastered on it.


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