Ofninety #2103

The start of the last of month of 2021 has been made more interesting with the release of Ofninety’s latest range #2103. The range consists of Ofninety’s usual attention to detail on their selection of mature streetwear, a nice departure from the usual graphic heavy stuff that we can see from what we are used to these days in terms of streetwear.

Ofninety #2103 is their next step on bringing impeccable taste of detail on garments instead of graphic focus pieces to the Indonesian market. Ofninety #2103 offers pieces such as t-shirts with oversized fits, heavier focus on stripes, patchwork nylon pants, and t-shirts with thermal waffle pattern as the base of their garments, all with very minimal branding on their garments for those who are tired on having their clothing scream the name of the brand.

Ofninety #2103 are now available at ORBIS and orbisjkt.com for online orders. To find all of their available pieces from their new range at ORBIS can click the link here