Deva States AW21 [R.A.M]

The narrative that Deva States has brought for their 2021 iteration of their Autumn/Winter release is a focus on time and the way that it doesn't change, that it is constant, and the useless urge to fight it. Inspired by the times that they lost by trying to find the meaning of it, to find their selves, and the meaning of our existence within time. As they say "Live your life in the right speed to be at the right time" suggests that we should just embrace time as it move and not fight it, to just live it in as it be.

The Jakarta-based brand came out with a plethora of interesting pieces in this release, upping their outer game from the nice selection of knitwears to cut and sewn pieces like their shell jackets and bottoms, along with graphic t-shirts that are undeniably Deva States with intricate graphics that corresponds with the narrative they are bringing with it.

Pieces from Deva States can be viewed by clicking here