WHITE NOISE FM: Course of Memory is inspired by 2 sets of painting both named "Course of Empire" by Thomas Cole, and Ed Ruscha that was inspired by Cole's work. In WHITE NOISE: Course of Memory they explore the modern relationship we have with our memory prompted by technology.

Course of Memory tries to find the junction between the 2 "Course of Empire" and use them as something to describe the changes we've gone through and how technology plays a part in it.

With that being said, WHITE NOISE FM manages to build a bridge between vintage workwear and contemporary utilitarian wear by coming out with pieces that feels familiar while also being something new, such as their Thumbslot jacket and canvas Articulated pants that uses the classic cut of a workwear piece while having the look and functionality of a contemporary utilitarian oriented piece.

Constructed with locally sourced materials, WHITE NOISE FM: Course of Memory is both design and built within the Indonesian archipelago.


WHITE NOISE FM: Course of Memory is available through the link here