WHITE NOISE FM: Climbing Circle

WHITE NOISE FM is the newest label to join Orbis as of right now. The independent Jakarta-based label has only 2 collection under their belt, with their second and latest release titled "Climbing Circle" being their first collection to be available outside their own platform.

The Climbing Circle collection is an homage to WHITE NOISE FM founder's new found love for the sport of wall climbing, creating pieces that are able to accommodate an active lifestyle while not being out of place as casual wear.

The 2 t-shirt they made for Climbing Circle features a raglan pattern sleeve unlike most t-shirts that allows for more comfortable movement. The graphics featured on the t-shirts are inspired by primordial art cave paintings.

WHITE NOISE FM's "Bouldering Shorts" featured in Climbing Circle has an extra panel on the crotch area to avoid cross-seam and aid in flexibility of the shorts. Along with 2 Chalk Bags in the collection that you can use to hold chalk for wall climbing or put in your everyday carry when you are out and about.

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