Friday League is a new label out of the big durian city or some of you would know it better as Jakarta. They've been making vintage-esque football jerseys with contemporary design cues, and their first range ROOM, they described it as a space that is used to feature evolving contemporary design and to draw a connecting line from sports attire with lifestyle. And their latest CIRCA range which now connects sports with music, the CIRCA range is a collaboration release with talent management Pesona Experience who are in charge of acts such as Pullo, Aul Persneling, ENVY*, Flowr Pit, BAPAK, and BAP. to name a few. The name CIRCA is also an acronym which stands for Collective Iconic Rhythms Coming Around.

Pieces from both their first release and their collaboration with Pesona Experience are now available at ORBIS. See all the Friday League items we have by clicking here